Monday, December 7, 2009

A Precious 36

One struggle for me being here in Mexico is the long nights. Right now, come 5 o'clock, it is pitch dark. What in the world do you do? Well, I suppose there are many things, but for me most require a comfy place to sit. The trailer bench and my sleeping bag in the loft just didn't cut it last time. This trip down I brought some pillows, my fleece blanket, and some decor items. It has made a world of difference. 

Any ways, a few nights ago, I made a big mug of tea, lit a candle, popped in Pride and Prejudice into my borrowed laptop and curled up with my fleece blanket on my "day bed." I was in heaven! 36 minutes went by and the computer shut down. 36 minutes is all the laptop battery can last. I will not complain...those 36 minutes were all I needed.


Trendy said...

a hammock, an ipod (or a good book if you prefer) and a glass of wine ;p

Mel said...

Heaven! :o) Looking forward to your next post!