Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Change In Plans

So I woke up this last Saturday with a list of projects to do...fix this, hang that, etc. Turns out God had something different in store. The kids walkie talkied me and asked if I would take them on a bike ride to the old stone corral, and being that I shot them down on Friday I figured it was only fair I did. We headed out and as we got to the top of the dirt road I heard some motorcycles, so we pulled along the side and watched them ride by. There were six and each one did a different trick. Then we continued on and played in the remains of the river...pools of algae. As you see below the kids had a blast giving this dinosaur rock different faces. I was looking for frogs, but had no luck. So the kids said, "Lets pack a picnic and head to the other stream and hunt for frogs." So, we biked home packed lunches and I drove them down the dirt road to another stream with much lass algae. We enjoyed our lunches, sharing cookies and trying each others different flavored drinks like I use to do in school. Then we caught a ton of little tiny frogs. I still made it home with enough daylight to finish my list.

Monday, September 6, 2010


So I have this awesome startbucks hard plastic cup that comes with a straw. I washed it last night and left it out to dry on the motorhome kitchen sink. This morning I went to put everything away and the straw was no where to be found. Seriously? What in the world would mice want with a straw? I am so bummed!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Taken Over

Earwigs have invaded and taken over the school house. I will clean it one day and the next day the floor will be crawling with those little creatures. What would they be coming for...except to make me crazy? Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of them? We may have to rethink where we begin school until we can get things under control. There is no way the kids will concentrate if they are worrying about them crawling up their legs or falling from the ceiling on their heads. So gross!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So I truly abandoned this ship last school year, but I am raring to try again this year. I really love to write...it has become a stress reliever for me in Mexico. I journal a few nights a week, the stories I don't ever want to forget and hope to someday pass down...so all I need to do is spend a few extra minutes typing them here for you guys to share in this adventure with me. If you are not seeing anything new, shoot me an email and hold me to my word. I might just be putting it off or it is very likely I am struggling to get an Internet connection =) I plan to add pictures, but I make no promises there...the upload is slow going!